Hey Ladies,

How many of you do so much cardio ( around 4 to 5 days a week for 1 hours) eat salads, avoid carbs and don’t really eat much protein. How many of you eat maybe once or twice a week and when you wake up you don’t eat break fast because you are not hungry??

Sounds like you?

Well in this video I speak about why this type of mentality is only keeping you from the results that you want and you are literally wasting your time if you are trying lose weight and drop fat.

Your body needs and is craving foods!! Knowing the right type of foods is key and switching your mentality to building lean muscle instead of losing calories is the only way you should be thinking!!!!!

Watch this RAW video and listen to how I simplify on WHY YOU SHOULD TAKE THE HARDER WAY OUT to get the results you want and finally keep the results forever!!!!!


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Why do you want to take the easy way out with fitness?? LIVE IN 3,2,1󾠁

Posted by Mina Arroyo on Tuesday, April 5, 2016