I have a lot of clients that tell me that the only reason they did not eat healthy before was because the cost of healthy foods. They believed that eating healthy cost more. Well I am here to say that eating healthy can actually cost less!!! Yes, less! :)

Buy in bulk – Buying in bulk is a great way to save on cash. Costco is a great way to buy a lot of things in bulk. Yes i know that vegetable can’t really be bought in bulk, but they have great frozen organic veggies at great prices. Buy your meats, nuts, oats, and froze veggies in bulk and it will for sure save you money.

Decide whether organic is best – Buying organic foods is always the best and the best for you. However, organic foods most of the times is way more expensive. Decided that is non negotiable for you when it comes to certain items. For example, strawberries for me MUST be organic. Actually a lot of my fruit and veggies are. However, some of my meat are not. Remember that eating healthy and non organic is much better than eating bad foods.

Avoid pre-packaged foods – Avoid “already made, pre packaged” meals. A lot of those meals, even though they may say ” healthy” are actually packed with chemicals and are high fats. I would really stick to basics when it comes to eating. The more basic you can be with your foods, the less they cost and the healthier they are for you.

Opt for more fresh fruits and veggies – Load up on veggies and fruits. Veggies and fruits are always a lot cheaper than even going out to lunch. Load up every day with life and you body and bank account will thank you for it.

Pick and choose your protein options – picking healthy choices of protein is absolutely essential when it comes to eating healthy. however sometimes, eating the best steak in town is not necessarily good on your bank account. Figure out what lean meat works with your body and load up on that. I find that lean chicken, tofu, eggs, and lean turkey are good for me and its not too expensive.

Plan ahead – I believe this is where a lot of people fail at. Not planning ahead. Believe it or not you’re more likely to spend a lot more if you are not planning your meals and you eat out every day because of it. Even though you might only eat 10$ worth of eating out a day. Thats roughly around 60 bucks a week. With $60 bucks you can get an entire weeks of foods.. Its very important that you understand that in order to be really good at this, you have to plan in advance. :)

Hope all of these tips are helpful to you, if you need help, go ahead and inbox me.

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